Sales DNA - The Badass B2B Growth Guide

I asked Joe what changed for the better after investing in the Badass B2B Growth Guide. Here's what he said:
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Sales DNA - The Badass B2B Growth Guide

Sales DNA - The Badass B2B Growth Guide


See the cold cold email
that prompted the response below.
Play EV:8.

Steal the cold email that prompted this response.

Play EV:7

Play CE:57

"The anxiety of making cold calls is eliminated."

What to Say When a Prospect Ghosts You - Play CC:11

Aaron Hodes on what's changed for the better after investing in the Badass B2B Growth Guide

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What changed for the better after investing in the Growth Guide?

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Julian on what's changed for the better after investing in the Growth Guide

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Joe Wendland

I asked Joe what changed for the better after investing in the Badass B2B Growth Guide. Here's what he said:

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 Sam, Account Executive

"The Badass B2B Growth Guide was the best purchase I made in 2019."

Yash Sampat, Account Executive

"Since I bought your course I've been hitting quota consistently. I bought myself a new Audi with all the commission I earned. "

Your Instructor

Josh Braun
Josh Braun

I teach people how to sell without selling their soul. It's as simple as that.

Course Curriculum

The Foundation

Play F1: Know Your Market

Play F2: Having a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Play F3: Don't Be a Debbie Downer

Play F4: How to Elegantly Explain What You Do

Play F5: Ditch the Pitch

Play F6: ing Conversations with Strangers

Play F7: Don't Exceed Your Prospect's Speed Limit

Play F8: Solutions Disguised as Problems

Play F9: How to Explain What You Do in a Cold Email in One Sentence

Play F10: How to Conversations with People Who Aren't Buying

Play F11: Go for No

Play F12: Deposits & Withdrawals

Know Your Prospect's Motivators

Play PM1: Your Market's Motivations

Play PM2: Fireballs vs. Flowers

Play PM3: How to Become An Insider

Play PM4: How to Get Your Prospect's Secret Buying Language using Jobs-to-Be Done

Play PM5: Jobs to Be Done Interview Guide

Play PM6: Example of a Jobs-to-Be-Done Interview

Play PM7: The Lingo Library

Play PM8: How to Be More Interesting to Prospects

Play PM9: How to Stay Top of Mind When Prospects Aren't Motivated Right Now?

Play PM10: How to Get the CFOs to Buy In

Play PM11: A Shortcut for Building Credibility and Trust

Outsourcing List Building

Play LB1: Getting ed

Play LB2: Defining Your Targeting Parameters Using Sales Navigator

Play LB3: The Specific Oversees Researcher I Recommend

Play LB4: Example of a Lead List You'll Get Back

Cold Calling

Play CC1: The Pain Triangle

Play CC2: The Educational Based Cold Call Script

Play CC3: Example: Educational Based Cold Call Script - Sales Coach

Play CC4: Behind the Scenes — Creating an Educational Based Cold Call Script — Example for Fin Tech

Play CC5: Behind the Scenes — Creating an Education Based Cold Call Script — Example for Cyber Security

Play CC6: Leveraging Wins to Attract Similar Clients

Play CC7: What to Say When a Gatekeeper Picks Up

Play CC8: Cold Call Transcript That Booked a Meeting

Place CC9: How to Cold Call a Trade Show Lead

Play CC11: Live Cold Call — Ghosted Prospect


Play VM1: Five Voicemail Formulas

Play VM2: The 8.9 second voicemail

Play VM3: Voicemail — The Script and Tone That Gets 30% of My Calls Returned

Casual Copywriting

Play CW1: Don't Believe the Hype

Play CW2: The Triplet

Play CW3:: Go for No

Play CW4: How to Use Humor to Increase Response Rates

Play CW5: Your Customers Are Your Best Salespeople

Play CW6: Turning a Skeptic into a Buyer

Play CW7: How to Explain Things Clearly

Play CW8: Show, Don't Tell

Play CW9: Casual Copywriting Example

Play CW10: The Secret to Creating Memorable Cold Email Copy

Play CW11: Sales Copy Teardown (Before & After)

Play CW12: Are You Pitching or Proving?

Play CW13: Example of Hype-Free Copy in a Cold Email

Play CW14: 2 Things I Learned from Jason Fried About Copywriting

Play CW15: Casual Copywriting Examples (Before & After)

Play CW16: The Secret to Getting More Positive Cold Email Responses

Play CW17: 3 Ways to Increase Cold Email Response Rates

Play CW18: How to Use Emotions to Motivate Prospects

Play CW19: Steal Like an Artist to Increase Open Rates

Play CW20: Chase — Features into Benefits Makeover

Play CW21: Before & After

Play CW22: Who's Your Villain?

Play CW23: How to Use Humor to Increase Response Rates

Play CW24: Ditch this word

Cold Emailing

Play CE1: The Biggest Cold Email Mistake

Play CE2: Cold Email: Subject Lines

Play CE3: The Testimonial Email

Play CE4: Bring Back That Loving Feeling

Play CE5: Cold Email: Follow-up After Direct Mail

Play CE6: 15 Minutes of Fame

Play CE7: Leveraging Shared Audiences

Play CE8: Reactivate Lost Opportunities

Play CE9: Medicine for the Problem

Play CE10: Example for SaaS

Play CE11: The Cold Call Email

Play CE12: Personalization at Scale

Play CE13: No Response — The Surrender Email

Play CE14: No Response — The Presumptive Negative

Play CE15: No Response — The Hail Mary

Play CE16: Cold Email From the CEO of Rippling

Play CE17: Shining a Light on a Problem

Play CE18: Informative & Entertaining

Play CE19: Introducing Two People via Email

Play CE20: The 4T Email — A High Converting Formula

Play CE21: Low Friction Calls to Action

Play CE22: Email to a Conversation with an Innovator

Get immediately download Sales DNA - The Badass B2B Growth Guide

Play CE24: The 4-Part Video Series

Play CE25: How to Respond to, "Send Me Some Information" in Email

Play CE26: Example of a 3 Touch Sequence for a List Building Service

Play CE27: The Cold Email that Booked a Meeting and Sales with GEICO

Play CE28: The Cold Email From the CEO

Play CE29: The One Sentence Email

Play CE30: Example of a Personalized 4T Email

Play CE31: Example of a 4T Email to Target

Play CE32: 4T Email that Got the Attention of a Busy CEO

Play CE33: A Cold Email Written by a Customer to a Prospect

Play CE34 One of the Best Cold Emails I've Ever Seen

Play CE35: Scaling Personalized Email in Cold Emails

Play CE36: Hyper-Personalized 4T Email that Got a Positive Response

Play CE37: The Cold Email that Got a Response from a Director of Sales

Play CE38: How to Write a Damn Good Email in 8 Minutes

Play CE39: 6 Low Friction Calls to Action that Conversations

Play CE43: Post Webinar Email that s Conversations

Play CE44: Cold Email that Booked a Meeting After a Prospect said, "No Thanks"

Play CE45: How to Get a Response from a Busy Person — Teardown

Play CE46: Example — Personalized Email that Got a Positive Response

Play CE47: Illumination Cold Email (How to Change the Status Quo)

Play CE48: How to Respond when a Prospects Asks for Information via Email

Play CE49: What Zelda Can Teach You About Writing a Good Cold Email

Play CE50: Real Example — Email that Booked a Meeting with a Prospect Who Disappeared

Play CE51: Real Personalized Cold Email with Positive Response

Play CE52: Real Positive Response — Illumination Question + Low Friction Call to Action

Play CE53: The Radically Honest Illumination Email

Play CE54: Real Email - Educational Offer that Booked a Meeting

Play CE55: Cold Email that Booked a Meeting with Aetna

Play CE56: The Photoshop Cold Email

Play CE:57 - The Broken Clavicle Bone

Cold Email Teardowns

Play CET 1: Teardown for Telecom

Play CET 2: Teardown for a Podcast Guest

Play CET 3: Teardown for a Car Wash Bucket

Play CET 4: Teardown for a Coach

Play CE5: Teardown for a person who want to be on my podcast

Play CE6: Teardown Chris Voss

Play CE7: Teardown for Zubtitles

The Vault: Cold Emails with Positive Responses

Play EV 1: Graham's Email

Play EV2: Tanner's Email

Play EV:3 Richard's Email

Play EV:4 Ivan's Follow Up Emails to Booked Meeting

Play EV5: Ben's Entire LinkedIn Message Thread that Got a Meeting

Play EV6: Jackie's Email that Landed a Job Interview

Play EV7: Josh's Email

Play EV8: Harry's Email

Play EV9: Chris's Email

The Initial Sales Conversation

Play DC0: The Initial Conversation Script

Play DC1: How to Improve Your Meeting Show Rate

Play DC2: Finding Problems

Play DC3: Asking for the Sale

Play DC4: How to Separate Yourself From the Competition

Play DC5: Your Product Story

Play DC6: Client Story

Play DC7: Don't Bruise the Ego

Play DC8: Testing for Commitment

Play DC9: Overcoming the Status Quo Bias

Play DC10: An Insightful Question

Play DC11: Price Anchoring

Play DC12: How to Expedite Contract Execution

Play DC13: Don't Discount. Do this Instead.

Play DC14: The Post Meeting Video Summary

Play DC15: How To Write An Effective Follow-Up Email After a Discovery Call

Leveraging Customers for New Opportunities

Play LC1: How to Ask for Referrals

Play LC2: Interviewing Customers

Play LC3: One Question to Generate 20% More Revenue

Play LC4: How to Ask for a Testimonial Without Sounding Salesy

Play LC5: Reactivating a Past Customer

Play LC6: Asking for Video Testimonials


Play LI1: Your Headline

Play LI2: Connection Requests with 70% Acceptance Rate

Play LI3: The Most Phenomenal LinkedIn Connection Request

Play LI4: The Video Connection Request Pitch

Play LI5: Yet Another High Converting LinkedIn Connection Request

Play LI6: Nelly's LinkedIn Voice Message that Got a Sale

Play LI7: "Thanks for Connecting" Video Message

Play LI8: Example of a Connection Request with a High Accept Rate

Play LI9: How to Conversations with Anyone on LinkedIn

Play LI10: Educational-Based LinkedIn Connection Request

Creating Memorable Impressions

Play MI1: 7 Ways to Create a Memorable First Impression

Play MI2: Direct Mail Examples

Play MI3: One Easy Way to Make Your Customers Happy

Play MI4: Dale Dupree's Red Brick

Play MI5: Send an Old Fashioned Telegram

Play MI6: The Post-Webinar Email

Play MI7: The "Lumpy" Mail

Play MI8: This 40-Second Pitch Made Will Smith Invest Immediately

Defusing Objections

Play DO1: How to Defuse the Most Common Objections

Play DO2: Preventing Objections by Making the Skeleton Dance

Play DO3: One Question that Will Help You Waste Less Time Chasing

Play DO4: Why Are You Better Than Your Competitors?

Play DO5: I Don't Have a Budget

Play DO6: Answering "What Do You Do?"

Play DO7: Send Me a Proposal

Play DO8: Defusing "Can You Send Me Some Information?"

Play DO9: Defusing "Can You Get Back to Me Next Quarter?"

Play DO10: Example 1: "Your Price Is Too High"

Play DO11: Example 2: "Your Price Is Too High."

Play DO12: "If We Find a Need, We'll Keep You in Mind."

Play DO13: We Already Have a Vendor."

Play DO14: Prospects Ask You to Send Them Info Via Email

Inbound Leads

Play IN1: How to Respond to an Inbound Lead

Play IN2: Inbound Cold Call Critique


Play NE1: Example of a Negotiation with a Jeweler

Play NE2: Example of a Negotiation with a Client

Play NE3: Real Contract Negotiation

Building Credibility

PLAY NU1: Top of Mind Campaign Email

Play NU2: Example Nurture Track You Can Steal

Play NU3: A Shortcut for Building Credibility

Video Prospecting

Play VP1: Example of an Email and Video that Booked a Meeting


Play SQ1: Meeting Reminder Sequence

Play SQ2: No Show Sequence

Play SQ3: Drift's Personalized Sequence

Play SQ4: Prospect Ghosted You Sequence

Play SQ5: Personalized Cold Email Sequences

Play SQ6: Rippling's Cold Email Sequence

Getting a Job

Play GJ1: The Cold Email that Prompted a CEO to Give the Sender a Job

Play GJ2: Don't Send a Resume, Do This Instead

Frequently Asked Questions

Get immediately download Sales DNA - The Badass B2B Growth Guide

When does the course and finish?
The course s now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.