Rion Williams - Natural Game Dating Seminar

If you just play the social dynamic, you will continue to fail because women HAVE the social value by default. It’s not even the REAL game. YOU have to k
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Rion Williams - Natural Game Dating Seminar

Rion Williams – Natural Game Dating Seminar

Future Ladies Man,

Some of this may surprise you.

If you seek solutions from experts who are teaching Inner Game or Social Game, (although Guaranteed hot-sellers) that’s great – there’s a lot to learn within those areas.  But they are just a fraction of sexual communication and what WORKS.

Men will endlessly chase social ideals (cars, money, clothes, careers, bling) and improve their own personality traits to ATTRACT WOMEN.  But these are still social and personal pursuits (while we all seem to do them).

You may even think that the answer is in MORE pick-up lines or techniques (because the repressed energy has to go SOMEWHERE).  I implore you to stop wasting all of your time in the least important areas.

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With those social pursuits or tactics alone, you’d be missing the VAST majority of what really matters when it comes to getting natural attraction and the most real-world and PREDICTABLE results with women.

Put this way:

Inner Game & Social Game are your Weakest Skillsets..

when it comes to Attraction

& physically succeeding with women, dating & relationships.


Because ~94% of communication is NON-Verbal

Sure it’s important to offer personal and social value but that’s why things are hit and miss when you communicate verbally on the interpersonal and social dynamics that you know with women.  Guess what?

Verbal & Social Game is only 6-10%

of your communication, success and results with women.  Why would you just settle for 6% of the results you could be getting – it means you have to work 10 times hard!

It’s just that’s what is most clearly seen by MEN in our logical minds.  If that’s you, you’re just not communicating value yourself on the areas that matter the MOST to women.

“..she looked in my eyes and said can I have your number please…I like to thank you man because for the 1st time a girl ask me for a number”-Louie
“I got into the seduction community about a year ago, when I took a big name boot camp…While I’ve had great success in this last year, something was still missing… Very quickly I realized that Rion knew exactly what he was talking about. Oh, and one more thing, he had the missing pieces that were holding me back from true success with women. -Blincubus, Dallas TX

Most people are taught to see the (matrix) world that is in front of them, but they’re not operating in the relational reality of POWER and attraction.

They don’t know behind the scenes, how or why it got there and most importantly their relationships to it at behavioral levels.  It’s up to you to see it.

Natural’s have higher close ratios and attract/keep women for a reason.

Inner & Social are NON-sexual yet it’s what’s taught by the VAST MAJORITY of mainstream and the seduction/dating community.  And it’s what they know and will predictably continue to teach because it’s based on the visceral daily Matrix reality in front of us.

And that limited reality has been conditioned for years until you understand the greater reality of power.

If you just play the social dynamic, you will continue to fail because women HAVE the social value by default.  It’s not even the REAL game.  YOU have to know the real game so you can concurrently communicate on that level.