Jordan Welch - eCom Accelerators 0-100 Dropshipping Course

In this course, i've left no stone unturned and provided every single method & strategy required to grow a successful eCommerce business in
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Jordan Welch - eCom Accelerators 0-100 Dropshipping Course

Jordan Welch - eCom Accelerators 0-100 Dropshipping Course

In this course, i've left no stone unturned and provided every single method & strategy required to grow a successful eCommerce business in this booming digital era.

If you've viewed any of my content previously you will know that I am transparent about what I do and how you can do the same.

This material can serve as a start to finish guide on building and scaling an online eCommerce store with shopify & facebook advertising.

You will find the exact systems and strategies required to find success in this industry.

I've grown one of my Shopify Stores to nearly in just under 8 months with these exact systems.

Along with this i've been able to help other entrepreneurs generate over $500,000 online with my content.

Get immediately download Jordan Welch - eCom Accelerators 0-100 Dropshipping Course

This course is the all-in-one package you need to grow & scale your eCommerce business. The content ranges from building out your store, to product research, to the explosive strategies to scale further to scale past five figures a day.

Let's push the gas and take off!

Your Instructor

Jordan Welch
Jordan Welch

My name is Jordan, I am a 21 year old serial entrepreneur.

I come from a lower class single parent household and my main goal since I was a child was to change the situation for myself and my family.

I have been pursuing entrepreneurship and starting companies since the age of 14... after 5 failed businesses I have discovered my passion is in digital marketing and eCommerce, so therefore I went all in.

After graduating high school my main focus was to create a profitable online business. After enrolling in to university I struggled for many months pursuing goals that were not in line with my own. I was broke and surrounded by people who weren't on the same path as me. After my first year of college, I decided to take the summer off and figure out what business I want to create.

Using the last $600 that I had leftover from a student loan refund check, I launched my eCommerce business on the first day of summer and worked 12-15 hours every single day at growing this business. After 7 months of failure & growth I finally had a breakthrough with my business. It was this point I had my systems understood, I doubled down and went all in. I am now generating over six figures consistently every single month with my online businesses. Essentially I have achieved the goals that I set out for myself whilst developing the plan for this business initially. Though this is just the beginning..

While growing my own company is incredibly important to me and I plan on accomplishing incredible things this year with my eCommerce businesses. I also understand that I have an opportunity to share my knowledge with the masses to allow others to change their lives in the same way that I did.

My values lie in transparency, authenticity and shamelessly providing value. That's what you will find in my content.

Get immediately download Jordan Welch - eCom Accelerators 0-100 Dropshipping Course

Let's hit the gas!

Course Curriculum


Welcome To The Course! (2:01)


Essential Entrepreneur Reading List

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Destroying Common Myths About Dropshipping (13:27)

Full Breakdown Of The Business Model (6:30)

Creating An Effective Strategy To Generate Results (15:00)

The KEY To Understanding Customer Psychology (9:47)

What Has Changed in 2019 (17:54)

The Elite Mind Decoded (Event Replay) (31:03)

Building & Scaling My 7 Figure General Store [Full Case Study] (42:20)

Product Research Mastery

Product Validation Checklist (9:54)

What NOT To Sell (8:15)

Product Research Tools (5:39)

Using Spy Tools to Find Winners (9:47)

Finding Winning Products with Facebook (4:50)

Finding Winning Products with Amazon (12:22)

Finding Winning Products with eBay (13:29)

Easily STEAL Your Competitors Top Products (6:40)

Tracking The TOP Trends In The Market (10:09)

My Favorite Product Research Tool (My Big Edge) (6:16)

Store Design Overview + General Store Guide [v1]

The Importance Of A High Quality Store (9:06)

Naming Your Online Store (7:08)

Selecting Your Shopify Plan (2:25)

Store Design Inspiration (Top General Shopify Stores List) (2:05)

How To Select The Right Theme (6:07)

Understanding Color Psychology (6:31)

Setting Up Your Domain (3:44)

Easily Creating A Logo (10:26)

Setting Up Social Media Pages (6:00)

Essential Pages To Have On Your Store (7:29)

Essential Apps To Have On Your Store (7:37)

How To Price Products On Your Store (8:29)

Setting Up A High Converting Product Page + Example (4:39)

Properly Configuring Your Store Settings (10:22)

Building a Sample Homepage (12:47)

Easily Importing Products To Your Store (4:13)

Hybrid Store Overview [v2]

Winning Product Mentality (15:58)

Hybrid Store Full Breakdown (33:20)

Hybrid Store Design Principles (9:18)

Sample Store Design Breakdown (11:24)

Hybrid Store Optimization (10:18)

Example - Optimized Landing Page (4:45)

Complete Guide To Creating Viral Content

Ad Creative Blueprint (18:20)

LIVE Ad Creation - Adobe Premiere (48:17)

LIVE Ad Creation - Animoto (19:19)

LIVE Ad Creation - Slideshow (14:39)

Guide To Creating Engaging Thumbnails (16:42)

The KEY To Massive Growth - Having Your Own Unique Content (6:52)

Facebook Ads: "0-60"

Business Manager + Ad Account Setup (4:11)

Ads Manager Platform Overview (5:44)

Facebook Ads Terminology (With PDF Cheat Sheet) (2:46)

Setting Up Your Ads Manager Columns (3:06)

Facebook Pixel Explanation + Installation (1:57)

Facebook Ads Policies Review (4:19)

Ad Copy Blueprint (11:57)

Setting Up Dark Posts (8:20)

Understanding Targeting (15:27)

"0-100" Product Testing Strategy (27:06)

Analyzing Product Tests (7:18)

Statistical Analysis Hierarchy (22:41)

Retargeting Your Potential Customers (24:22)

Dealing With Ad Inconsistencies (10:22)

Deep Dive Testing Strategy (30:15)

Facebook Ads: "60-100"

My Philosophy On Scaling (4:19)

Vertically Scaling Your Products (9:55)

Horizontally Scaling Your Products (6:36)

Scaling with Lookalike Audiences (11:18)

Explosive Scaling with Manual Bidding (11:15)

Maintaining A Scaling Campaign (5:04)

How To Revive a Dead Campaign (6:15)

Micro-Scaling Your Campaigns For Maximum ROI (19:40)

Turbocharging Your Store To Maximize Profits

Optimize Your Store's Load Speed (4:25)

Pre=Purchase Upsell Sequence (12:45)

Bundling Products To Make More Sales (4:32)

Post-Purchase Upsell Sequence (8:25)

Track Your Profits Accurately (2:48)

Email Marketing Guide

Importance Of Email Marketing (4:58)

Email Marketing For General Stores (5:28)

Easily Building Your Email List (6:22)

High Converting Email Format (4:47)

Automate Your Abandoned Cart Emails (5:48)

Copy & Paste Email Sequences For Your Store (3:26)

Running Your Business (Daily Operations)

Problems To Expect During Scaling Phase (With Solutions) (21:23)

Managing & Fulfilling Orders (2:17)

Scaling To A Third Party Fulfillment Center

When To Set Up An LLC?

How To Stay Organized With Your Finances

How To Keep Your Customers Happy

Building A Brand: The Next Steps..

Next Steps After Growing A Successful General Store (12:49)

8 Figure eCommerce Blueprint (24:09)

The Future of eCommerce (6:04)

Frequently Asked Questions

Get immediately download Jordan Welch - eCom Accelerators 0-100 Dropshipping Course

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.