Ivory Mix School - Brand Know-How

The Pet Business Membership Site helps you with the 4 keys areas of your business. Content, Social, Operations and Customers. All of which are
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Ivory Mix School - Brand Know-How

Ivory Mix School - Brand Know-How

The Pet Business Membership Site helps you with the 4 keys areas of your business. Content, Social, Operations and Customers. All of which are fundamental to growing your pet business. My job is to help you learn more in these areas and answer questions as you work through the content.

The most valuable resources are our Facebook Group where you can ask for help with anything you are working on or request any training's you might need. Also, each fortnight we meet for 'Coffee With Kate' which is an online group meet up to ask question 1 to 1 online. You can ask for help with projects you are working on, get feedback on something you need help with or just hang out and chat to other Pet Business Owners.

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I run a very successful Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business since 2010, which because of the hard work we have put in we are now in a position to Franchise.
I get 52,000 visitors per month to my website, 80% of which comes from the blog posts that I write on a weekly basis.
I have over 41,000 Facebook Fans, which have come from the content that I share, the way I engage with my fans and the yearly competition I run for our business.
Everything that I teach I do myself on a daily basis to build traffic to my website and engage with my ideal customers.
I love helping others build their Pet Sitting business and see them enjoying the same success that I have had.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome To Pet Business Owners School

Welcome Message (1:59)


Resources & Support

Free Facebook Group For Support - Sign up Now

Coffee With Kate: Fortnightly Online Coaching & Accountability - Sign Up Now

Marketing Planner

Marketing Plan

Social Media Post Ideas

Content Ideas

Weekly Planner

Event Ideas

2020 Coffee With Kate Calls

2020/01/21 (51:35)

2020/1/07 (68:52)

2020/02/04 (66:51)

2020/02/18 (62:46)

2020/03/03 (70:11)

2020/03/17 (60:18)

2020/03/31 (76:27)

2020/04/07 (77:04)

2020/04/14 (73:39)

2020/04/21 (62:46)

2020/04/28 (61:33)

2020/05/05 (69:09)

2020/05/12 (72:14)

Content Creation Training

Blogging: Why Is It So Important? (6:58)

Blogging: What Should You Be Blogging About? (10:51)

Blogging: The Importance Of SEO (7:01)

Blogging: Promoting Your Blog Post (8:56)

Blogging: How To Get Blog Readers (6:55)

Blog Creation Template

Podcast: Starting Your Own Podcast

Why Use Video In Your Business (12:30)

Ebooks: Creating Your Own Ebook (9:39)

Surveys: How To Use Them To Get Free PR (5:40)

Creating Local Content (9:21)

Tools To Create Great Video For Your Pet Business (14:38)

Social Media/Marketing Training

Facebook: What Makes A Good Page (6:22)

Facebook: Engagement and Growth (9:44)

Facebook: Going Live On Facebook (8:03)

Facebook: Using Facebook Groups (8:17)

Twitter: Setting Up Your Account (5:24)

Twitter: How To Find People To Connect With (4:43)

How To Start A Twitter Chat (7:15)

Pinterest: Using Pinterest To Promote Your Business

Contests: Using An Annual Competition To Promote Your Business

Meetups: Using Meetups To Promote Your Business (7:09)

Google Analytics Explained

How To Be More Intentional With Your Marketing (16:10)

Operations Training

Goal Setting and Planning (17:00)

Answering The Phone

Hiring An Office Manager

Saving Money in Your Business

Hiring Staff / Staff Retention

Customer Experience Training

Audit Your Website (6:36)

Audit Your Blog: Design (5:47)

Audit Your Blog: Content (9:09)

Audit Your Blog: Revisit Blog Content (9:51)

Creating An Email Newsletter (7:40)

Newsletter Template

Customer Referral Programme

Customer Retention Strategies

Using Cards To Delight Your Customers (19:29)

Setting Up A Chat Bot (13:13)


Audit Your Week (6:06)

How To Manage To Do Lists (10:02)

Project Planning With Trello (9:44)

Mini Trainings

Creating A Local Blogging Strategy (9:21)

Adding Facebook Notes To Your Facebook Page (4:05)

Christmas Content Planning Webinar (37:08)

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook (2:42)

How To Create Insta Story Highlights (4:16)

How To Use Planoly For Instagram (9:06)

Google My Business - Setup (9:12)

Content creation ideas to get new customers

How To Use Zoom (Online Meeting Software) (4:55)

How To Market Your Business While You Have Time (Covid-19 Napps Webinar) (61:06)

Christmas Promotion Challenge (Starts 3rd Dec)

Day 1 Lets Get Chrismassy! (1:36)

Day 2 Lets Promote (1:09)

Day 3 Lets Be Useful (1:36)

Day 4 Let's Chat Customer Happiness (1:37)

Day 5 Lets Think Competitions (2:50)

Day 6 - Lets Have Fun (0:58)

Day 7 - Lets Ask For Bookings (1:44)

Day 8 - Lets Share/Attend Events (1:09)

Day 9 - Lets Send Some Newsletters (2:00)

Day 10 - Lets BLOG!!! (2:14)

Day 11 - Lets Think Bookings (1:05)

Day 12 - Lets Find Hashtags and Get Christmassy (1:40)

Day 13 - Lets Think Back To Work (1:34)

Day 14 - Lets Go Live (2:17)

Day 15 - Lets Get Ready For Christmas (1:27)

12 Week Challenge (Starts 7th January)

Week 1: End of Year Review - Video and PDF Download (7:40)

Week 2: Monitoring Your Progress and Planning (8:45)

Week 3: Choose a Social Channel To Improve and Develop (9:17)

Week 4: Get Blogging With Ease and Results (4:22)

Week 5: Improving The Copy On Your Website (7:51)

Week 6: Building Your List To Market To - Creating Downloadables (10:03)

Week 7: Building Your List To Market To - Newsletters & Nurture Sequences (12:17)

Week 8: The Importance of Using Video In Your Pet Business (12:30)

Week 9: Tools To Create Great Video For Your Pet Business (14:38)

Week 10: Are Ads Right For You? (12:26)

Week 11: Getting PR For Your Business (9:51)

Week 12: Collaborating With Local Businesses (12:06)

Instagram Challenge

Day 1 - Creating Your Profile (7:28)

Day 2 - Deciding on A Bio Link (5:28)

Day 3 - Image Categories (8:45)

Day 4 - Account Style (7:21)

Day 5 - Hashtags (7:56)

Day 6 - When To Post (5:57)

Day 7 - Captions (5:53)

Day 8 - Tidy Up Your Account (1:59)

Day 9 - Starting Conversations (6:42)

Day 10 - Daily Activity (3:03)

Day 11 & 12 - Finding Customers & Tracking Them (6:48)

Day 13 - Following Hashtags (2:28)

Day 14 - FInd Customers Hashtags (3:52)

Day 15 - Finding Customers on Big Accounts (4:05)

Frequently Asked Questions

Get immediately download Ivory Mix School - Brand Know-How

When does the membership start and finish?
The membership starts as soon as you sign up. You will have access to the content for as long as you remain a member.
What If I Have Questions?
If you have questions you can ask them in the Private Facebook Group, at the fortnightly Coffee with Kate coaching sessions or via email. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch.


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