High Level Ecommerce Marketing Guide (Evergreen and Updated)

Complete Shopify Facebook Ads Mastery: (Contact Me On Instagram If You Have Questions)
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High Level Ecommerce Marketing Guide (Evergreen and Updated)

High Level Ecommerce Marketing Guide (Evergreen and Updated)

Complete Shopify Facebook Ads Mastery: (Contact Me On Instagram If You Have Questions)
One full monthly access w/ Richard Jordan (@richardjordan)
My Store’s FAQ / Contact Us Templates
$900 Of Premium Themes Included
On average 8-12 calls with me per month
Direct access to my Skype Phone Notification Text System
VERY ADVANCED Facebook Mastery Pivot - Heavy Understanding of the algorithm and pixel
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Course Curriculum

Pre-Built For You:

FAQ Page - Done For You

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Level One (Setup / Configurations):

Shopify Website Set Up (7:29)

How To PROPERLY Set Up The Pixel (1:56)


All Mastermind Sessions (HIGHLY Recommended - From Scratch)

Mastermind Session #1 | How To Get A High Converting Store (29:30)

Mastermind Session #2 | Store Set Up & Config

Mastermind Session #3 | BEST Ways (6) To Find A Product That Sells (29:06)

Mastermind Session #4 | Executing On The Product Research Methods / BEST APPs / Product Descriptions (54:33)

Mastermind Session #5 | Product Description Part ONE

Mastermind Session #6 | Product Description Part TWO

Mastermind Session #7 | PAGE STUDIO / Custom Landing Pages

Mastermind Session #8 | BEST Way To In Facebook Ads (42:37)

Mastermind Session #9 | Creating A Perfect Landing Page

Mastermind Session #10 | Addressing Your Concerns

Mastermind Session #11 | SOCIAL MEDIA RELEVANCE

Mastermind Session #12 | Facebook Ads Set Up/Pixel/Dark Post/ FIRST AD! (64:28)

Mastermind Session #13 | IMPORTANCE Of Email Marketing and Applications

Mastermind Session #15 | Every Store Needs POD...

Mastermind Session #16 | Free Traffic.

Mastermind Session #17 | Q/A - Upsells, etc. (50:13)

Mastermind Session #18 | Page Speed Optimization

Mastermind Session #19 | Optimization Of Facebook Ads - What is best (63:26)

Mastermind Session #20 | How To Use Free+Ship Correctly (49:37)

Mastermind Session #21 | Manuel Bidding (63:26)

Mastermind Session #22 | Funnels

Mastermind Session #23 | Power Of Branding

How To Do In Depth Audience Research / Targeting / Product Research

Using Instagram For Business

FB Scaling Methods

Important Updates v.1 (49:39)

Scaling Scenario (28:53)

Important Updates v.1.1 (38:49)

How I Get My Stores Each To $10k A Day / How To Maintain It From Imploding (31:55)

Adv Credit Card Tips - High Credit Lines / How I Make around $1000 every 3 months for FREE (25:08)

This Is Exactly How Your Website Is Suppose To Look (Student's Store) (15:39)

Student '"Wasted" $460 / Account Flag / Scaling / How To Deal with it / Banned and Everything! (37:08)

Scaling / Mastery of Virality Of Top Ads of The Industry Of Ecommerce. How I Do It? (33:39)

High Level Facebook Ads

How To Name Your Adsets

WTH Are Conversion Windows and How To Use It Correctly? (2:28)

Discipline Of Cutting Facebook Ads (4:35)

How To Use Breakdowns Tab Effectively? (4:14)

2 Types Of Scaling (2:45)

How To Stay Updated With Facebook's most current updates.

2019/2020 Ongoing Strategies

Product Research Checklist For 2019 (11:22)

Best Testing Strategy For 2019 (8:05)

What I Do In 2020 For Product Research


When Do You Get An LLC?


Courses Included with Purchase

Exclusive Black Card Shopify Access (Created In 2020)
The Ultimate Guide Going From Scratch To Automation in 2020
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Get immediately download High Level Ecommerce Marketing Guide (Evergreen and Updated)

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