Eggheadprofs - Doing Business the Right Way

At a personal level, have you wondered how you are going to find your way in a world seemingly coming apart at the seams? How you are going
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Eggheadprofs - Doing Business the Right Way

Eggheadprofs - Doing Business the Right Way

Do you ever stop to wonder why is the news so full of stories about businesses doing absolutely horrible things to people and our planet? For example, just as this course was created the front cover of BusinessWeek proclaimed “Bad Shrimp: How antibiotic-tainted seafood gets smuggled out of China and onto your table” (Bad Shrimp).

At a personal level, have you wondered how you are going to find your way in a world seemingly coming apart at the seams? How you are going to provide for yourself and your family long term? How you will gain a level of happiness and satisfaction at work? How you can compete with an ever increasing amount of global competition for jobs? How an MBA has come to be simply the bar for entry for many good business jobs and you are not even convinced you want to get an undergrad degree?

What if a program existed that could catapult you to the front of the line? One that prepared you to address the intractable problems by applying a process that has been proven to work? An educational experience that is not based on the traditional classroom model of lectures and regurgitation? One that is built upon experiential exercises and thought provoking discussions? Subject matter that is relevant to where you are in the employment journey? One that challenges you to use your experiences and thought patterns to craft ideas?

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The following course is just what the doctor (or in this case, some non-traditional business professors (thus our name eggheadprofs) ordered…..

Let’s Go!

Your Instructor


Course Curriculum

Course Overview

Why we did this! (1:00)

What is Conscious Improvement & an example (1:08)

Our Company

Course Overview

Course instructors

Dale Jasinski

Steve Dunn

How to take this course


Rule 1 - what rules?

Rule 2 - Egghead logo

Rule 3 - Journals

Rule 4 - Discuss

Rule 5 - Learn best by doing & give us your opinions!

The Alpha: Conscious Improvement


Engaging Employees

Conscious Improvement Values Checklist

Key Terms (can't wait huh)

Key concepts (not as bad as terms!)

Pursuing Conscious Improvement

Finding MDOs

Green Goddess - MDO!

Alpha Conscious Improvement Application Activities

Activity 1

Activity 1 Site Visit Form

Journal Entry #1 - Reflection on the Alpha chapter

Discussion #1 - Your MDO

Alpha Chapter Quiz

Alpha Chapter - Survey 1

The Beta: The Mission Driven Organization (MDO)


Doing business the right way even in times of disaster!

Power of Employees to do the Right Thing!

Exploding the Myths

Missions Beyond Profits Examples

Activity 2

Activity 2 Consumption Log

Discussion #2

Quiz #2

Journal #2

Survey #2

The Gamma- Why Supply Chain, Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

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Why supply chain?

Supply Chain Basics

Supply Chain Reality - Part 1

Supply Chain Reality - Part 2

Why innovation?

Innovation Example - Credo Mobile

Innovation Example - Miron Construction

Innovation Example - Kwik Trip

Why Entrepreneurship?

Survival vs Mission?

Examples of Mission Driven ups

A Deeper Dive!

Activity 3

Discussion 3

Journal #3

Quiz #3

Survey 3

The Delta Chapter - The Importance of the Key Actors: Customers and Employees


The Voice of the Customer

Microbrewery Example

Wisconsin winery Vines & Rushes Example

Repetitive Process


Engaged Employees!

The role of empathy

Putting it All Together!

Activity #4

Appendix MDO Checklist (for use in Activity 4)

Journal #4

Quiz #4

Chapter Survey

The Epsilon: The Small to Medium Sized Main Street Firm and Not for Profits


Small Business

Not for Profit Firms

Local Example - ReStore

Habitat for Humanity and Keys to Success

Local Example - Growing Oshkosh

Additional Resources

Activity 5

Quiz 5

Journal 5

Survey 5

Zeta: To Infinity and Beyond

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Good

The bad (and the ugly)

The Parting Glass

Activity 6A

Activity 6B

Quiz 6