David Barnett - Business Buyer Advantage

First, learn about buying businesses and learn more about my depth of knowledge by watching my YouTube playlist. It’s got about a hundred videos that I’ve
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David Barnett - Business Buyer Advantage

David Barnett - Business Buyer Advantage

You need to learn how to do this! For most, buying a business will be the most complex thing they will ever do. You need to know what to look for and how to save your most valuable resource; time.
First, learn about buying businesses and learn more about my depth of knowledge by watching my YouTube playlist. It’s got about a hundred videos that I’ve recorded over the years. Most have been in answer to viewer questions from people just like you.
Second, read my book; Franchise Warnings. It was an Amazon best-seller in 2015. Whether you want to buy a franchise or not, this book will give you a primer on business valuation and business systems. Also available in Kindle or as an audiobook from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.
Third, read my special report 21 Stupid Things People Do When Trying to Buy a Business. I’ve put together all the dumb things that I’ve witnessed people do who thought they knew what they were doing. They didn’t and most paid tremendously for their ignorance. You can profit from their bad moves and learn to be smarter. Also available in audio format & Kindle.

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Enroll in my workshop. Business Buyer Advantage is available as an online course that you can study at your own pace. It’s a full-day event that I’ve been doing since 2009. Over the course of the program, we follow a case study company through all the steps of the purchase process. We find the company, analyze it, negotiate for it, finance it, write up the offer for it, and manage the transition process. Ever since I started offering this program it has always come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’re free to redo the modules as you work through your own business buying adventure as you gain lifetime access to the materials and any updates that are introduced over time.
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Once you’ve got your education completed and you know what you’re doing, the next step is to get ready to meet sellers and be ready to act.
My Business Buying Adventure community helps you connect with other business buyers from around the world and gives bonus content and access to me in an economical format.

The Adventure begins with The Next Step. This is my 12-module buyer preparation program. You work through the modules on your own and complete the exercises. From personal skills analyses to financial worksheets, we identify the industries for you, the scale of business you should be after and determine the limits you’re willing to go to in a purchase. All of this makes sure that you can quickly dismiss the bad deals and act clearly and quickly on the ones that are right for you. Your journey is supported by regular Q&A calls with other members and access to the backlog of calls that have already happened.

Within the Adventure, you’ll learn how to build your own process to hunt for the ideal business and make contact with the owner before the business is put on the market. This gives you the best opportunity to make a great deal.

Members have access to premium materials released each month such as my in-depth interviews with professionals talking both about buying businesses and what to do to improve them once they’re yours. We also spotlight other members who can be a valuable resource in your journey to buy a business. All of the resources available in Business Buying Adventure are documented in the easy to follow user guide which is updated and released to you monthly.
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David Barnett
Once you’ve found the ideal business and want to move forward with an offer, I can help you with one-on-one guidance through the process and ensure that you’re moving forward with the right degree of caution.

For a deeper insight, I can perform a Buyer Insight Analysis or a Most Probable Selling Price analysis to help you take a closer look at the target business.