Dan Vass - Shopify Freedom Course

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Dan Vass - Shopify Freedom Course

Dan Vass - Shopify Freedom Course

What if you could start a successful profitable 6-7 figure Shopify business that pays you to live your dream life?
Stop thinking and start doing...
Introducing Branded Dropshipping...
The new and only strategy to build a successful long term online eCom business with Shopify...

Get immediately download Dan Vass - Shopify Freedom Course

No more 'hype' or 'quick short term' approaches to Shopify and online business...

No more copying and pasting/testing tons of products from Aliexpress...

No more using outdated software tools everyone else is using like Oberlo...

No more spending thousands of dollars on ads testing random products...

No more making your customers wait 2-3 weeks for ePacket shipping...

Learn the exact strategy that I personally created and actively use to build successful, long term Shopify eCommerce brands that deliver real value to customers and stand the test of time.
It's time to start a real business that pays you to live the life of your dreams.
We are currently witnessing one of the greatest technological revolutions in the history of humanity...
eCommerce is growing at 20% every single year...
There will be over 2 billion people shopping online in 2020...
That's over 25% of the world's population buying online next year...
Meanwhile... more and more people are starting successful Shopify stores every single day and taking control of their life & destiny forever...
Quick stats:

Over 1,000,000 Shopify stores...
​Over $135,000,000,000 in online sales...
​eCommerce growing at 20% year to year
​25% of the world's population buying online

There has never been a better time to start a Shopify business ever in history.
It's time to take action, join the freedom movement and build the life of your dreams.
Dan Vas: My Story
Only a few years ago, I was 20 years old, stuck at a corporate job that I absolutely hated trying to desperately pay off $40,000 of college debt that I had accumulated by pursuing a worthless college degree... with no way out.

However, I always had this massive ambition in me and this deep passion for entrepreneurship - but I had no 'outlet' and no actual business model to apply myself in.

That's when I started my journey and went all in on building the life of my dreams...

In early 2017, I started my first eCommerce business with Amazon and after a few failures quickly became extremely successful with it. I was so proud of the fact that even through all the obstacles... all the failures... I was able to start my own successful online business that paid me money in my sleep, let me travel the world, and live a life of my own creation.

In 2018, I decided to venture into Shopify...

I had always stayed away from dropshipping and Shopify because I saw too many problems with the way it was being done...

Coming from Amazon, the way that Shopify was taught by people online was totally different than I was used to...

I knew that to build a real business, you had to create something of value -
Your own line of products with a real brand for example...

On Shopify, at the time, the common method was to endlessly test hundreds of products, copy and paste them from Aliexpress using a tool called Oberlo, make your customers wait 2-3 weeks at least for ePacket shipping (crazy right?), and basically continuously keep looking for more products to add to your general store.

I knew this was the wrong way of doing things - and that's why I committed to creating my own strategy to start a successful Shopify eCommerce store that would put money in your pocket not for a few days or weeks, but years to come...

That's why I created branded dropshipping.

I since used this strategy incredibly successfully with my own Shopify stores by creating valuable brands that offer 2-3 day fast shipping, extremely high quality products, logos and custom product packaging (never before seen with Shopify), and basically a real asset that you're building over a lifetime that you can eventually sell for a cash windfall of profit...

And it's not only me who uses this strategy... every single successful eCommerce brand that you see like MVMT Watches, Blendjet, Fashion Nova, Gymshark all have used the branded dropshipping strategy to reach massive success.

I've personally seen my students use branded dropshipping to quickly create successful, real and valuable Shopify businesses that stand the test of time and make anywhere between $10K per month all the way to $100K per month +

Now that I have mastered both eCommerce businesses - Amazon and Shopify... can tell you that there has never been a better time to start a branded dropshipping store.

Shopify is the perfect business to start if you have about the will to succeed, you have the right knowledge and mentorship, and you are ready to take action and join the ranks of millions of people who are achieving freedom in their lives by starting their own Shopify online businesses.

There is nothing stopping you from succeeding and being one of those who takes action and takes control of their destiny.

My Mission:
To give you everything that you need to build a successful, highly profitable Shopify eCommerce brand while also giving you the mentorship and the mindset that you need to achieve freedom and success.
How Shopify Freedom works:
The world's #1 Shopify online business course and unlimited mentorship.

Unlimited Lifetime 24/7 Access

Over 75 Hours+ of Step By Step Video

Complete Training Divided Into 10 Modules Showing You Everything You Need To Start A Successful 6-7 Figure eCommerce Business

Downloadable PDFs + Key Points Below Every Single Course Video Helping You As You Go

Complete Plan of Action and Full Expert Mentorship + Guidance

Unlimited Mentorship With Dan Vas Via His Personal Private Facebook To Ask Any Questions You Have With Shopify & Online Business

2 Hours of Bi-Weekly LIVE Mentorship Group Calls

Access to Private Facebook Community To Ask Questions and Receive Additional Support

BONUS: Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course Access to a COMPLETE Mindset Course with Dan Vas unreleased anywhere else ($2,497 Value)

Zero Risk Guarantee
Try it risk-free. Don't like it? Get all of your money back in your first 14 days and under 40% accessed course modules.

Let's face it... most online courses are trash and fail to deliver on the grand promises they make.
Our success is built on YOUR success... it's directly linked to what YOU get out of this program.

To build the #1 online business & success education platform, we have to change the lives of millions.

We want YOU to be a part of those millions of people.
Simply email [email protected]
Read our full refund policy and terms of service here.
To help you reach freedom with a successful worldwide eCommerce brand
The results below are from people who have taken massive action on the strategies and the step by step training found in the Shopify Freedom course.

For this reason, it is important to mention that we don't guarantee ANY result because it all depends on your level of effort and investment.

The only promise that we make is that we will give you all the exact strategies and steps that were given to all of the successful students before you.
Student Results:
From Zero To $70K/Month
If he could do it... anyone can
In early 2019, Pham was 23 and studying in college in the Netherlands... but he always knew he wanted more out of life.

As he was searching for 'how to start an online business', he stumbled upon eCommerce and Shopify...

After watching a few videos on YouTube.. he simply became overwhelmed. There was so much information... so many videos, so many people and 'gurus' talking about the different kinds of strategies to actually build a successful business.

He finally landed on one of my videos one night after college as he was researching the best way to make money with Shopify...

That's when he learned about branded dropshipping.

After finding out that I was offering a limited-time mentorship program...
He decided to invest in himself and join the Shopify Freedom course and community.

Fast forward to today - he is making over $70,000 per month in sales at a 30% profit margin ($25K/Month+)

I had the opportunity and the pleasure to interview my student Pham about his amazing success in the course...

Click on the link below to hear Pham's story and learn how Shopify Freedom changed his life.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?
Answer: You don't.
I can't guarantee that after joining the program you will go on to change your life and achieve massive success. In fact, nobody can make those kinds of guarantees and if you see someone doing that - run very far away.

However... what I CAN guarantee for you is that...

If YOU are committed to starting a successful online business with Shopify...

If YOU want much more out of your life than a boring 9-5 job...

If YOU want to see the day when you wake up in the morning, with no alarm clock... Nobody telling you what to do.

Get immediately download Dan Vass - Shopify Freedom Course

You unlock your iPhone, you refresh your Shopify sales and you see that you've already made more money in your SLEEP than working an entire day at your previous 9-5 job...

If that's what you want...

Then I promise that the Shopify Freedom course and community will give you every single step that you need, all the latest strategies and techniques, as well as the unlimited mentorship along the way to help you reach that level of freedom, as well as build a real successful long-term eCommerce business that you're proud of.
Here's What You Get
Module 1: Introduction

The most important fundamental steps in building a profitable worldwide eCommerce store

Getting into a relentless success mindset that forces you to succeed

Detailed explanation of the entire branded dropshipping strategy

The mindset that you need to succeed with Shopify and eCommerce

Secrets to endless, unlimited motivation that propels you to your dreams

Entire progression of a successful Shopify store from zero to 6-7 figures/year

Module 2: Intelligent Product Research

How to find an extremely profitable and valuable product that sells long term

Setting up an LLC and business license the right way for taxes and liability

Criteria for the perfect Shopify product that can scale to 6-7 figures/year in sales

Examples of perfect Shopify products that each have generated millions in sales

Estimating how much a competitor's store is earning in revenue

Using Amazon FBA to find successful Shopify products

Validating your product to make sure it will actually sell

Module 3: Finding A High-Quality Supplier

The exact step-by-step process to choose high quality world class suppliers

Learning the right places to find high quality suppliers who are willing to dropship your product

Advanced negotiation strategies with Alibaba and Aliexpress suppliers

Creating the perfect brand name for your store

How to get a sample the right way, as well as how many to get

The right way to pay your suppliers so you don't get scammed and lose your money

Sourcing products better than all your competitors

Module 4: Creating Your Store

Building out your Shopify store A-Z, from zero all the way to profit

Important steps for initial setup, buying a domain and installing Shopify properly

Beautiful store design - how to make your store pop so that visitors turn into customers

Creating a bulletproof brand identity that places you above 99% of your competition

Setting up retargeting email sequences to turn potential customers into buyers

Using SMS remarketing (superpower) to remind those who left your store to buy

Everything you need to know about setting up shipping zones and rates the right way

Crafting the perfect video ad: scripting, filming and editing to create an ad that converts

Module 5: Zero To Expert With Facebook Ads

How to run incredibly profitable Facebook Ads to explode and scale your Shopify store

Everything you need to know to master cold, warm and hot Facebook Ads

Developing your marketing master plan + customer avatar (laser targeting the right people)

All the best cold interests to target on Facebook for your product

Setting up your Facebook Ads account and columns to see all of your data properly

The complete blueprint to go from zero to $10K per day in sales with Facebook Ads

Optimizing your Facebook Ads and building out a retargeting funnel

How to run incredibly profitable Facebook CBO campaigns

Fighting inconsistencies and dying, unprofitable Facebook Ads

Module 6: Scaling Facebook Ads From 6 To 7 Figs

How to scale your profitable Facebook Ads from 6 to 7 figures/year in sales

Every single best scaling strategy for Shopify that took millions in Facebook adspend to learn

Things to watch out for when scaling so you don't blow your ads budget

How to develop your own scaling strategy that works for you

The 5-in-1, Sidestep, Carpet Bomb, and Breakdown Optimization strategy

Module 7: Elite Influencer Marketing

What to know before hiring influencers to market your product

How to find and choose the right types of influencers

Creating profitable deals with influencers that blow up your sales

How to get micro-influencers to promote your product aggressively for free

Setting up powerful social media for your brand where customers rave about your products

Module 8: Store Automation & Scaling To 1M/Year

Creating a fully automated store & funnel that can scale into the millions

Important strategies and techniques to save you time and money in the long run

Learning how to manage your cashflow as well as controlling your profit margin

Reaching out to a sourcing agent to broker better deals for your products

Setting up A+ level customer service for your brand to keep customers coming back

BONUS: Millionaire Mindset Secrets ($2,497)

All of the most life changing wealth & success lessons that I've learned in my journey from broke to millionaire at 23

Rewiring your brain to think like a millionaire

What I wish they had taught me in school

My recommended reading list that took me from a broke college kid to 7 figures

Maintaining and growing success

Exclusively available to Ecom and Shopify Freedom students

Most Common Questions:
Does dropshipping and eCommerce still work in 2020?
We are currently at the very beginning of the eCommerce boom. While there are those who get stuck in inaction, wondering whether eCommerce or Shopify is worth it or not, spending millions of hours watching YouTube - others are creating their stores, building their businesses, reaching freedom and making their dreams come true.

Those people are the ones who are positioning themselves now for massive success in the future as the world undergoes one of the largest shifts that we've ever experienced as humans - online retail.

If you have come this far and are still reading, then you already know the answer to this question.
It all depends on how bad you want success. If you want it bad enough, it will come.
How much do I need to invest to begin?
You can start with as little as $300-500 and succeed. Although if you have $1000+ as a starting budget than that allows you to really create a higher quality store and also have plenty of money to start running Facebook or Instagram ads, for example.

Get immediately download Dan Vass - Shopify Freedom Course

I've seen people start with $200 and build successful million dollar/year stores.

I've also seen people with $3000 start and completely fail.

Again, it all depends on how bad you want success - how bad you want freedom in your life. How bad you want this to work so that you can finally reach your destiny and start living a life true to yourself, while owning a business that you can be proud of.

With dropshipping, the good part is you don't need to order any inventory to start. You can continue dropshipping until you find a winning product, and at that point make the decision whether you want to order a few hundred units with your brand name on it or not.

Answer: You can start with as little as $300-500, and $1000+ sets you up for maximum success.
Do I need a course and mentorship? What makes your course different than YouTube and all the others?
Yes you do need a course and mentorship. If you want to succeed in this business, then you have to be ready to make the investment in yourself. It's the simple truth. How can you expect to build an incredibly successful business if you refuse to even invest as little as $500 into getting the right information mentorship and community for yourself to reach success.

I've personally coached over 10,000 students at this point to success with online business...

During this time, I've seen truly incredibly success stories from people who started with almost nothing and reached incredible heights. Meanwhile, I've also seen people who constantly message me, even 3 years later, mostly those who refused to join a course and believe they can do it all themselves...

They still to this day have achieved zero success, have spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure this all out on their own... And STILL refuse to invest in themselves. Do you really think they will succeed? Ever?

And to answer the second part - what makes my course different, when you invest in yourself, especially into an all in one training that shows you every single step you need to succeed - you will almost force yourself to take action.

When people get something for free, they don't value it.

If you want maximum chances of success, making the investment is a no brainer.
I'm afraid that I'll fail and lose all my money... which makes me not want to start...
You have the opportunity to change your life forever right now.

Wouldn't you be more afraid that in a year, you will look back and wonder what if you had actually started?

What if you had actually taken action and committed to living the life of your dreams?
Do I have to do this full time to succeed? Or can I do this on the side?
You can do this alongside any job you have or any studies.

To give you an example, when I started with online business, I was still in school, working a 9-5 job, and I only had 1-2 hours per night to work on finding the right product and starting my business.

It all depends on if you make time for it. There are plenty of people who start who have 9-5 jobs, families, kids, who are enrolled in college, and reach massive success after some time because they prioritized their learning, and took action.



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