Chinese Zero to Hero - Path to Fluency

This course helps students at HSK 5 or 6 progress to actual fluency, beyond the HSK curriculum. It teaches strategies on how to discover topics
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Chinese Zero to Hero - Path to Fluency

Chinese Zero to Hero - Path to Fluency

If you enroll in the HSK 5 course or the HSK 6 course, you'll get this course for free.

This course helps students at HSK 5 or 6 progress to actual fluency, beyond the HSK curriculum. It teaches strategies on how to discover topics of interest, and provides tips and resources on how to obtain authentic Chinese material. With this course, students will improve their Chinese to near-native fluency and, in the process, gain profound knowledge of a wide range of subject matter such as science, technology, history, politics, and art.

 " I would like to mention the new course "Path to Fluency". This course is the best thing available on the internet. The tips and resources available in that course, meticulously gathered by the team, can not be found anywhere else."

- Muhammad Noman Ahmed, HSK 5/6 Student

" You guys have been insanely helpful. I’m going thru path to fluency right now and it has really rekindled my interest in learning chinese after slowing down at HSK5. I’ve always sort of known that achieving fluency was going to be a lifelong endeavor, but thanks to all of your recent advice I won’t be restricted to just textbooks and grammar points."

Get immediately download Chinese Zero to Hero - Path to Fluency

- Ashman792 (YouTube Comment)

" I appreciate how you just made this free for HSK 5/6 students! I’m taking HSK 5 right now and what a nice surprise to have these extra content. They are super useful, so many valuable tips and resources. I thank you guys so much for all your hard work, you guys truly are the best!"

- Josh W (YouTube Comment)

"It’s very straightforward and easy to understand/follow... as well as a necessary accompaniment to the grind of getting through all the vocabulary and grammar of HSK 1-6."

- Tom Smart (In-Course Feedback)
Course Curriculum


Welcome to Path to Fluency (2:35)
Joining our chatroom
Discovering Online Resources

Unit 1 - See the path

1.1 What exactly is "fluent"? (8:54)
What do you think?
What do you think?
1.2 Language Acquisition vs Language Learning (4:05)
1.3 Blending Acquisition and Learning (3:04)
1.4 Acquisition Overview (3:49)
1.4.1 Acquisition Step One - Discover areas of interest (7:31)
1.4.2 Acquisition Step Two - Getting input (3:23)
1.4.3 Acquisition Step Three - Producing output (3:15)
1.5 Learning Overview (7:24)
1.6 Get inspirations from the language-learning community (4:05)
Feedback 1

Unit 2 - Reading

2.1 Approaches to reading (3:37)
2.2 Discovering your next favourite book (6:03)
2.3 Getting Chinese eBooks (9:46)
2.4 Getting electronic magazines and newspapers (6:15)
2.5 Reading online news articles from China (3:14)
2.6 Reading Chinese articles from WeChat official accounts (3:53)
2.7 Reading manhua (comic books) (5:13)
2.8 Getting physical books online (4:12)
2.9 Using learner-oriented resources (9:57)
What do you think?
Feedback 2

Unit 3 - Vocabulary and Grammar

3.1 Using the dictionary (5:17)
What do you think?
3.2 Chinese-English dictionary vs Chinese-Chinese dictionary (4:34)
3.3 Should I look up all the words? (12:30)
3.4 Adding variety to your vocabulary (2:21)
3.5 Getting help with grammar (5:54)
3.6 Remembering what you learned (5:40)
Feedback 3

Unit 4 - Using Audio-Visual Material

4.1 News, radio and podcasts (5:49)
4.2 Movies, TV shows and online videos (11:59)
4.3 Taking online courses (5:56)
4.4 Enjoying Chinese music (3:53)
4.5 Content for learners (6:07)
4.6 Improving listening comprehension (7:49)

Unit 5 - Experiential Learning

5.1 What's experiential learning? (2:33)
5.2 Visiting a Chinese neighbourhood (1:22)
5.3 Visiting China (7:40)
5.4 Study in China (1:38)

Unit 6 - Speaking

6.1 Getting speaking practice (2:10)
6.2 Improving your pronunciation (3:25)
6.3 Hiring a tutor (6:11)
6.4 Language exchanges (3:35)
6.5 Presenting a topic (5:35)
6.6 Create an online course (2:36)

Unit 7 - Writing

7.1 Getting better at writing (1:18)
7.1.1 Keeping a diary (3:40)
7.1.2 Participating on online forums or a blog (7:22)
7.1.3 Writing a book (3:16)
7.2 Techniques for writing (1:13)
7.2.1 Typing Chinese characters (5:33)
7.2.2 Using Punctuations (3:06)
7.2.3 Using grammar checkers (2:24)
7.2.4 Getting help with usage (4:21)
7.2.5 Getting your writing corrected by a human (2:13)
Final Feedback


A1 Popular theories on language acquisition (6:51)
A2 Getting research articles from China (3:25)
A3 Getting second-hand books locally (2:55)
A4 Getting books from the library (5:22)

Your Instructor

Jon Long
Jon Long

If you choose this course, my voice will be ringing in your ears until you become a Chinese master. As a native Mandarin speaker from Xi'an China, I am dedicated to provide the highest quality of online Mandarin Chinese learning experience.

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Get immediately download Chinese Zero to Hero - Path to Fluency

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The course s now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.