Austin Zaback - Atm Mastery

Austin Zaback is the true definition of ‘Entrepreneur’. ing his first business at just 7 years old, he has always looked for ways to build profitable
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Austin Zaback - Atm Mastery

Austin Zaback - Atm Mastery

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Austin Zaback
Austin Zaback

Austin Zaback is the true definition of ‘Entrepreneur’. ing his first business at just 7 years old, he has always looked for ways to build profitable companies. His work ethic is unmatched and he truly values good relationships, always going above and beyond in everything he does. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey he has worked in numerous industries, but is particularly obsessed with real estate. His love for the ATM business comes from how closely it resembles the real estate industry. Austin is fired up to show you how the ATM business is the most phenomenal source of passive income!

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to ATM Mastery! 🏧

Before We Get ed...

Austin Zaback's Story (10:05)

Austin Lewis' Story (6:34)

Austin Lewis' Story (cont'd.) (7:57)

Why Did We Get Into The ATM Business? (9:53)

Brief Overview: How The ATM Business Works (5:01)

First Things First 🛑

Opening A Bank Account (3:05)

Choosing A Bank (That WON'T SHUT YOU DOWN!) (2:10)

Interchange (5:07)

Make It Legal ✅

Creating Your Business Name (3:11)

Forming An LLC (2:46)

Do You Have To Be 18?... (1:45)

Let's Talk Paperwork 📄

ATM Contracts (8:10)

ACH Forms (1:37)

W-9 Forms (0:32)

Sample Contracts & Forms

Show Me The Numbers 📈

Surcharge Fees (7:38)

Average Revenue Of An ATM (10:53)

Other ATM Costs (2:25)

Landing The Deal 🎯

Email Proposals (3:34)

How To Approach Barbershops (7:03)

90 Day Trial Periods (3:31)

Location, Location, Location! 📍

Locations NOT To Put ATMs In (4:30)

Out Of State ATMs (1:40)

Out Of State ATMs (cont'd) (11:08)

Final Thoughts: ATM Locations (4:04)

Types of ATMs 🏧

Different Types of ATMs (5:52)

Standing Units vs Wall Units (3:07)

Mobile ATMs (4:01)

New Machines vs Older Machines (1:34)

Refurbished ATMs (5:01)

Our FAVORITE ATM Machines (3:45)

Final Thoughts: Types Of ATM Machines (5:40)

Getting The ATM Machine 💸

Where to Buy ATM Machines (5:42)

Standard ATM Machine Prices (3:52)

Average Lifespan Of An ATM Machine (2:11)

Don't Lose Your Keys! (3:57)

Installation 🔧

Installing The ATM Machine (1:52)

Wifi ATMs (2:41)

Pros / Cons of Wireless Modem (2:53)

Pros / Cons Of Ethernet (1:49)

EMV Reader (1:55)

Insurance For The ATM Machine (3:10)

ATM Receipts (2:44)

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Don't Forget An ATM Sign! (2:48)

The Nitty Gritty 🤓

How To Work CDs (2:48)

Daily Deposits vs Monthly Deposits (2:34)

ATM Machine Keys (1:56)

Master Program Of The Machine (3:58)

Notifications (3:13)

Safe Code (3:39)

Safety First 🆘

Video Surveillance (2:30)

Safety Considerations (4:45)

Servicing The Machine (4:03)

Filling 'Em Up 💵

Adding Cash To The Machine (4:06)

Loading The ATM (2:02)

Pros / Cons Of Loading The ATM Yourself (12:38)

How Much To Fill The ATM With (4:26)

Best Times To Fill The ATM (4:01)

Best Vehicle To Fill The ATM (3:17)

Moving the Money 💸

Transporting Cash Safely (6:04)

What To Hold All The Cash In (1:36)

ATM Cash Employee (2:40)

Insurance For Transferring Cash (3:11)

What About Those Topper Things? 🤨

What's A Topper? (4:00)

Including Toppers In Contracts (2:56)

Buying A Topper (1:30)

Selling Toppers To Your Clients (1:56)

What Else Can You Do With Toppers? 🤔 (2:11)


ATM Partnerships (4:13)


What's An ATM Trailer? (1:45)

More Info On ATM Trailers (3:54)

Build Your Own ATM Trailer (2:22)

Decals And Lighting For ATM Trailers (2:59)

Houston, We Have A Problem

Jammed ATM Machine (2:53)

What If A Bank Shuts You Down!? (3:26)


Final Thoughts: ATM Mastery (5:06)

Frequently Asked Questions

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