Art Hernandez - Trifold Academy Shopify Mastery Course

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Art Hernandez - Trifold Academy Shopify Mastery Course

Art Hernandez - Trifold Academy Shopify Mastery Course

NOTICE: The Spots For The Discounted Price Are Filling Up Very Fast. The Price Will Return To $597 Once They Are Full.

Ready to learn the fastest way to create a profitable dropshipping store in 2018?

Get ahead of the game before everyone else does. Period.

In this course, I am going to teach you the fundamentals of creating a successful Shopify store. Along with showing you how to utilize the "secret" traffic source, that took me from $0 to $24k in just 15 days. Along with revealing the product and exact campaign that got me there.

There is a massive learning curve when it comes down to ing a Shopify store and getting your first sales. You need to know how to put the right product in front of the right people. I created this course to give everyone a chance to get ahead of the game by utilizing the traffic source I have found to be abundant with converting traffic. I wan't everyone to see the same success I have, so that they can support themselves in life, along with their families.
This is a "done for you" process. You are going to be guided along this entire process while looking over the shoulder of someone creating it right in front of you.

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One Of My AdWords Accounts

Still thinking "Why would I buy your course over the 100's of others?"

Simple, no one else is teaching what I am. How To Utilize "Google AdWords".

Google AdWords will bring you laser targeted, HOT, customers. When someone searches for a product in google, they are already making a subconscious commitment to that product. Not like Facebook or Instagram, where your product ads are unsolicited.

You will learn:

All of the basics needed to get ed
How to find profitable and cost-effective keywords in Adwords that help you sell any product
How to determine the most promising products in your store and boost them to greater heights with AdWords
The techniques professional marketers use to create ads that attract peoplewho already look for your products
How to strategically adjust bids for your most important traffic
How to sell your first products as quickly as possible, sometimes within a day
Much, much more...

BONUS #1: Lecture Requests (Want More Detail On A Certain Subject? Feel Free To Message Me On Facebook Or Telegram And I Will Work On Adding It To The Course)

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BONUS #3: Free One On One Calls (Valued At $100 Each)

BONUS #4: Access To Private Facebook Mastermind (Valued At $1000)

BONUS #5: Direct Access To Me For Any Questions / Etc

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BONUS #8: Many Other Golden Nuggets I Will Make Available

BONUS #9: Access To Affiliate Program

Below is a screenshot of the $61k one of my students made in less than a month after studying the course and having a completely free 1 on 1 call with me.

I am extremely proud to be able to help change my students lives, and help them see the success they deserve.

The longer you wait, the more competition you will have. As of right now AdWords is a GOLD MINE.

Get ed now!

Your Instructor

Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez

My name is Art. I've been on the journey of self betterment for over 5 years now. It all ed with my 100 pound weight loss. Then came the journey to re-mold my mind completely, and embark on a lifestyle of positivity and success. During the last few years, my passions have kept me afloat as I learned all I could about E-Commerce. Those passions being Photography and Music production. I was also personally mentored by a billionaire for about a year, but it wasn't towards E-Commerce. It was more towards developing the entrepreneurial mindset. Throughout all of my experiences, I always nurtured my drive to see success. Always believing and knowing 100% without a doubt that I already was successful. Belief has been my most powerful tool. Now having made my $900k in a single day, I have found what works in the E-Commerce world. I'm going to share it with all of you, the traffic source that no one utilizes or talks about. The traffic source that changed my life.

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Course Curriculum


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Read First (Important links and info)

General or Niche? (3:49)

Shopify Interface Navigation (9:28)

Shipping Settings (4:15)

Important Pages (2:07)

Payment Setup (3:21)

Preparation + Store Design

Finding Winning Products (17:46)

Importing Products + Pricing (13:34)

The Essential Apps (12:26)

Product Title And Description (Sales Copy) (17:31)

Product Page Setup + Visual Consistency (7:02)

Fulfilling Orders (2:28)

The Main Strategy

Marketing Viral Facebook Products With AdWords (4:46)

Marketing Preparation

How To Set Up Your AdWords Account (4:22)

AdWords Layout Overview (19:45)

Installing AdWords Conversion Tracking (5:25)

Installing Google Analytics (1:58)

Connecting AdWords With Google Analytics (2:44)

Google Search Ads Creation

Keyword Research Tool + Digging A Bit Deeper (12:17)

Campaign Setup, Ad Creation, And Utilizing Scarcity And Urgency (31:29)

Ad Extensions + Why you need them, PERIOD. No Questions Asked... (12:43)

See The Exact Ads That Generated Me $24k Along With A Detailed Overview Of Them

Optimizing Your Search Ads

How Long Should I wait Before I Optimize? (3:45)

How Should My Setup Be? (4:18)

Look At Your KeyWords + Their Data (10:05)

Negative Keywords To Save Money (7:20)

Making Bid Adjustments To Spend Your Budget More Efficiently (14:33)

Rinse And Repeat (1:51)

Experiments, Retargeting, and Look Alike Audiences

Utilizing Ad Experiments (6:13)

Look Alike Audiences (2:47)

Re-targeting Ads (3:16)


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