Anne Beffort - Succeed at the Sproochentest

You have the level A2? And you want to pass the Sproochentest to be able to apply for the Luxembourgish nationality? Then this course is ideal for
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Anne Beffort - Succeed at the Sproochentest

Anne Beffort - Succeed at the Sproochentest


You have the level A2? And you want to pass the Sproochentest to be able to apply for the Luxembourgish nationality? Then this course is ideal for you. This step-by-step course will help you to get ready in 40 days to pass the Luxembourgish language test.

"This is an excellent course — The result was outstanding. I passed the test with flying grades but on top I was able to take my Lëtzebuergesch to a whole new level. Anne is so passionate about the language that it made me also passionate. Elo sinn ech och Lëtzebuerger!"

- Guillermo Walsh, Vice President Global SCM Services - SCM Sales at Vodafone Procurement Company S.à r.l.

Prepare at home, from any place at any time and at your own pace to take successfully the Sproochentest!

Do any of these sound familiar to you:

You don't know how to get prepared for both the oral and listening tests?
You don't know what you are supposed to talk about in the oral test?
You don't know whether you have the right level to pass the test?
Are you scared of making mistakes when speaking and looking stupid?

Did you raise your hand to any of the above? Good! You are so at the right place!

What will you learn in this course?

"Succeed at the Sproochentest" consists of 5 modules and you will learn:

To set up your daily study plan
The exact content and procedure of the Sproochentest
How to self-assess your current language levels - both listening and speaking
To talk about the given topics of the oral language test
To answer the questions the examiner may ask you
The words that are best for you to talk about a given topic - so you don't waste time learning unnecessary words
The technique to best describe a picture
To strengthen your speaking and listening skills
To gain confidence by becoming a self-driven, independent language learner

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 Now let's take a look at what you will learn in each of the 5 learning modules:

In Module 0 you will learn to set your study goals and your study plan which goes along with this course. The study plan shows you exactly what you should study and it will help you to stay motivated during your learning process

In Module 1 you will learn about the exact Content and Procedure of both the oral test and the listening test, how to self assess your language levels as well as the passing criteria of the Sproochentest.

In Module 2 you will learn the technique and useful vocabulary to best describe a picture in less than 5 minutes. Your homework will be to describe 4 pictures using the technique!

Module 3 is the core module: in that module you will learn how to talk about a given topic and how to answer questions you might be asked by the examiner in the test. For each topic I have prepared an audio text with its transcript. Each text contains useful vocabulary about the topic. To be best prepared You are going to write for each topic a text and record the text. You have the option to send me your record for advise and you can as well ask for 6 personal coaching sessions to practice your oral production for each topic.

In Module 4 you will learn how to improve your listening skills and useful tips about the listening comprehension test. I'll provide you with sample tests. You will have to listen to the audio samples by answering the questions with multiple choice options.

Anne truly helped me in building self confidence in my ability to understand and speak Luxembourgish. She also made it fun! I could not have succeeded in passing the Sproochentest without her effective and diligent support. Not only she is passionate about teaching Luxembourgish but also she has outstanding pedagogic skills.

- Hugues Delcourt, Chief Executive Officer, BIL (Banque International Luxembourg)

"Anne est la meilleure des enseignantes de Luxembourgeois qui m’a réellement permis d’améliorer mon niveau grâce à son expérience, sa patience et sa très grande pédagogie. Anne a trouvé la méthodologie adéquate pour vous faire progresser et réussir le Sproochentest afin d'obtenir la nationalité luxembourgeoise."

- Sébastien Brinster, Operational Risk Manager at Banque de Luxembourg
Your Instructor

Anne Beffort
Anne Beffort

Moien, je suis Anne Beffort, ton professeur de luxembourgeois et une passionée de ma profession. Mon but est d'aider chaque étudiant motivé à apprendre et à maîtriser le Iuxembourgeois. Depuis 2012 je soutiens chaque étudiant dans son apprentissage et en tant que coach je l'aide à atteindre ses objectifs avec mes stratégies et mon expérience.

"Anne is one of those rare teacher who gives Luxembourgish learners a unique, fun and effective way to learn. Her dynamic coaching approach is motivating and engaging. She helped me to increase and improve my Luxembourgish so to be become fluent faster.

Anne can really coach specifically how to pass the exam. Highly recommend, best choice ever I could do to pass brilliantly the exam.

- Francesco Baraldo, Senior Corporate Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the required language levels to take this course?
To study this course in 30 to 40 days you must have level A2 - oral comprehension & level B1 - listening comprehension.
When does the course and finish?
The course s after payment. You have instant and permanent access to the course! It is a completely self-paced online course!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What format is the course content delivered in?
Good question! The course materials are shared partly as video content, transcripts, and worksheets. So, you can read, watch and listen to the content, you'll be covered.
Is a refund available if I pass the Sproochentest?
Yes, in case you pass successfully the Sproochentest you can get the paid amount reimbursed by the Luxembourgish governement. You can email me and I'll send you a receipt of payment.

Who is Succeed at the Sproochentest for:

Candidates who want to apply for the Luxembourgish nationality.

Advanced learners who have level A2 - the oral comprehension and level B1 - listening comprehension and who wish to be best prepared before taking the test.

Learners who need a boost and gain confidence before taking the test.

Busy people: you are busy with a job, a family or other obligations and you want to be best prepared before taking the Sproochentest. Then this course will get you there! With this course you can learn at home or at any place at your own pace.

Get immediately download Anne Beffort - Succeed at the Sproochentest

Self driven learners who want to improve rapidly their Luxembourgish and assess their language levels

Who is Succeed at the Sproochentest NOT for:

Beginners: this program is not for people who want to learning Luxembourgish or who think that buying this course will suddenly allow them to pass the Sproochentest.
People who are not self-driven learners and are not motivated in learning each lesson of the program.


Want a Bonus? You got it!

Registering to Succeed at the Sproochentest will not only give you access to the 5 modules with video tutorials, transcripts and worksheets, but you will also get bonuses for free. Including ...

- Personal advice and feedback per email on any question you might have.

Now it's your time to get ready to take successfully the Sproochentest!

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course

What is the course about? here! (3:59)

How to navigate this course site (3:16)

Module 0: Set your study goals

Set your goals (5:47)

Module 1: Content and procedure of the language tests

Lesson 1: Oral language test (2:47)

Lesson 2: Listening comprehension test (2:02)

Passing criteria (0:52)

Lesson 3: How to self assess your language level (1:18)

Module 2: Learn to describe a picture

Lesson 1: The technique and useful vocabulary (8:38)

Lesson 2: Example to describe a picture (2:30)

Module 3: Prepare the topics of the oral language test

Lesson 0: Instructions & Topics (9:38)

Lesson 1: Meng Famill - Text

Lesson 1 - Meng Famill Froen (3:18)

Lesson 2: Mäin Alldag - Text

Lesson 2: Mäin Alldag - Froen (3:01)

Lesson 3: Sozial Kontakter - Text

Lesson 3: Sozial Kontakter - Froen (2:19)

Lesson 4: Meng Hobbyen - Text

Lesson 4: Meng Hobbyen - Froen (2:41)

Lesson 5: Reesen - Text

Lesson 5: Reesen - Froen

Lesson 6: Meng Aarbecht - Text

Lesson 6: Meng Aarbecht - Froen (4:00)

Lesson 7: Meng Iessgewunnechten - Text

Lesson 7: Iessen - Froen (2:53)

Lesson 8: Medien - Text

Lesson 8: Medien - Froen (4:10)

Lesson 9: Hausaarbecht / de Stot maachen - Text

Lesson 9: Hausaarbecht - Froen (2:00)

Lesson 10: Akafen / Kommissoune maachen - Text

Lesson 10: Akafen - Froen (1:56)

Lesson 11: Transportmëttelen - Text

Lesson 11: Transportmëttel - Froen (2:53)

Lesson 12: Sproochen - Text

Lesson 12: Sproochen - Froen (2:47)

Lesson 13: Meng Gesondheet - Text

Lesson 13: Meng Gesondheet - Froen (2:16)

Lesson 14: Meng Uertschaft - Text

Lesson 14: Meng Uertschaft - Froen (3:15)

Module 4: Prepare for the listening comprehension test

Lesson 0: Tips & strategies to follow before you listening (3:22)

Sample tests of the INL (5:54)

Lesson 1: Listen to a radio item

Lesson 2: Everyday conversation between 2 people

Lesson 3: Discussion or presentation of a specific topic

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Understanding the "N-Rule"

Adjective Endings