Alun Hill - Roku Success Training

Please note carefully: this course is for setting up channels the correct way for profit AND how to get 6 million top-quality videos for free - it does not
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Alun Hill - Roku Success Training

Alun Hill - Roku Success Training

Roku Success Training

This course shows you not only how to create channels for the biggest income, but also includes my dozen TV-quality sources for videos / programs that you can use in complete safety - this is 6 million videos in total.

Now, you know I don’t “do sales”, but every single course review is 5 star, every person who bought was impressed ... and, more importantly, they’ve since gone on to make good money / get high views / have beautiful channels.

In this exclusive course, in 2 hours (update, now over 3 hours) of video training, I’ll show you everything about creating channels the proper way …

… and I’ll give you free access to over 6 million professionally produced videos - these are NOT Creative Commons videos and don’t need attributions.

The quality these millions of videos is real TV quality.

Perfect video, perfect sound, all professionally produced and edited.

(Update - it’s now 3 hours of video content as I added my webinar from last week, to make everything even easier for you!)

Please note carefully: this course is for setting up channels the correct way for profit AND how to get 6 million top-quality videos for free - it does not cover the Agency licence - that’s a separate course!

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UPDATE: New lecture has been added showing you how to get a full Press Card, allowing you free entry to many places worldwide, plus invites for free travel, free hotel stays, cruises etc. Everything is listed in a free fortnightly full color magazine that will be sent to you on request.

Course Curriculum


Welcome To Roku Success Training (0:31)

Your Licence To Print Money (1:37)

One Of My Roku Channels (4:10)

Channel Secrets

Channel Poster And Description: Discover What Most Other Channels Do Wrong (9:55)

The 100 Channel Secret - Earn More Money From This Crucial Information (2:58)

The "Version" Secret Revealed (2:03)

Inside The Channel

The Secrets Of Perfect Program "Thumbnails" (2:36)

Titling And Describing Your Video The Most Effective Way (2:57)

The Video Storage Secret (3:50)


Branding Secrets Revealed (7:07)


Study These Category Secrets To Attract The Biggest Audience (1:45)


Learn The Correct Way To Do Your Screenshots (1:43)

Creative Commons

Creative Commons - Introduction (1:10)

Learn About Creative Commons

What Is Creative Commons? (1:23)

"We Need To Talk About Sharing" (2:59)

Creative Commons - A Worldwide Community (0:47)

How To Search Creative Commons (0:58)

Source 1 (4:46)

Source 2 (4:28)

Source 3 (1:10)

Source 4 (4:21)

Source 5 (6:11)

Source 6 (8:39)

Source 7: Military 1 (1:37)

Source 8: Military 2 (0:53)

Source 9: Military 3 (1:42)

Source 10: Military 4 (2:38)

Source 11 (1:11)

Source 12 (4:11)

"Public Domain" Or Not?

More Sources For Programs

More Video Products - Not Creative Commons (2:43)

Over 6 Million New Sources Of Video Content That You Can Use For Free - Not Creative Commons!

Thousands Of Sources Revealed (18:01)

Are There Advertisers?

Are There Advertisers In This Niche?

About Roku Advertising

How To Get Your Roku Advertising Stats

Cheat Sheets And FAQ's

Roku Streaming Devices Explained (3:13)

Channel Store Info Cheatsheet


How To Add Channels (3:59)


About Me

A Little Story For You ...

Important Note From Alun

How To Charge $10,000 To Set Up A Channel For A Client - And How To Get the Clients, Easily!

How To Get Clients For $10,000 a Time - Easily (20:30)

Press Credentials, Press Facilities And Press Cards

Press Credentials, Press Facilities And Press Cards (16:26)


Getting Advice and Assistance

Re Amazon Fire TV - Update 26th January (3:04)

The Seven Minute Rule

The Fifteen Minute Rule

The 10 Feet (3 Metres) Rule

Roku and "Bandwidth"

Live Webinar

Live Webinar (62:31)

Red Flash


Update 14th April 2019 - No Need For TVBoss Software

Update: 3rd May 2019: Vimeo Launches Showcases


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